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BhajanSangrah.com is a collection of songs found in the Bhajan Sangrah (Gujarati Hymnal Book) distributed by Gujarat Tract and Book Society.

This website aims to offer access to the hymnal in both Gujarati and in Phonetic English. We hope that we can add sections for music sheet and tunes of the songs, together as a community.

The site is created in a similar format to Wikipedia.com so that as a community we can expand the collection of hymns with new additions of songs, tunes, music sheets (guitar/piano etc), history of the song/artist, and song translation.

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Get Started

  1. Search a song by its number
    • For Gujarati Songs, type in the number of the song in the Search box input field on the upper-right hand corner of the window, followed by clicking the button 'Go'.
      • Example : Typing in 400 should take you to song 'હોડી હંકારો'
    • For Hindi Songs, type in "Hindi##" where # equals the number of the song.
      • Example : Typing in Hindi53 will take you to song 'મુક્તિ દિલાયે યીશુ નામ'
  2. Search a song by words inside the song
    • Search for a song using Gujarati Words
      • Example : Typing in the word 'મુક્તિ' will result with couple of songs with the word 'મુક્તિ' in it.
    • Search for a song using English Words
      • Example: Typing in the word 'Mukti' will list all of the songs with the word 'Mukti' located inside of it.
  3. Browse songs by Title, Chorus or First Verse.
  4. Browse songs by Category.
    • Go to Contents and pick the Category/Subject of songs you would like and then go over to Gujarati Song Directory and pick a song from that Category/Subject.


To edit pages you will first need an account. This is to combat spam and keep the wiki tidy.

To create an account email us at nilesh.s.tailor@gmail.com with preferred username.

Special Thanks

Rrishu Jain for transferring text from BhajanSangrah into this wiki as well as translating

Christy Lerryson Wilson for adding tunes to each song