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Bhajan Sangrah:About

Bhajan Sangrah is a collection of hymns that are located in the common Gujarati Hymnal Book called "Bhajan Sangrah", which is distributed in various areas around Gujarat.

The collection of hymns contains songs that have been translated into Gujarati from their English counterparts and also contain native songs created by various Gujarati Christian song writers over the years.

This website was created to allow people around the world to take part in enjoying and worshipping our God with these hymns. Regardless of whether or not a person can read Gujarati.

Many of the hymns are rarely sung these days and therefore we hope that over the years we can find some form of media attachment to each song so that the tune of each song can be preserved through the ages.

Maintaining the collection of hymns will require community effort. Therefore addition of new songs and correcting any misspellings will need to be corrected and managed by the community.

We hope you enjoy the songs and our efforts.